5= totally agree, 1 = totally disagree

_____  1.  It is the duty of witnesses of a catastrophe to provide an accurate rendering of a historical event.


_____  2.  The best thing we can do with history of a bad situation such as a plague or mass murder is to forget it --  the memory of such is painful and prevents people from going forward with their lives.


_____  3.  The past is not dead. It's not even passed.


_____  4.  Any disaster, any catastrophe, any plague, is part of God's plan.


_____  5.  People earn the plagues that rain down upon them - such realities are a punishment or a test coming from our own misbegotten behavior.


_____  6.  There is no good explanation for the death of an innocent child.


_____  7.  One of the worst things we can do is deny reality - even if it is one that is and will be painful.


_____  8.  Catastrophe is the great equalizer.


_____  9.  One should not expect too much from people - especially from those who experience a catastrophe.


_____  10. If given the chance, most people would take advantage of a plague for their own interests.


_____  11. Given the choice between leaving a catastrophe to find personal happiness and staying in a plague ridden city to fight a terrible disease, most people could be expected to do the former.


_____  12. Knowledge can be dangerous to the personal self.


_____  13. I trust science and facts and reason to solve a problem.


_____  14. People have a tendency to forget what may be coming around the next corner.


_____  15. Government and other institutions can make a big difference in how to respond to plague.


_____  16. We overuse the term "hero" to describe what should be expected of ordinary people.


_____  17. There is more to like about human beings than to despise.


_____  18. I don't have much regard for people, especially leaders, who take advantage of a bad situation.


_____  19. People who voluntarily put themselves in harms way are foolish.


_____  20. More than anything else, we would be a lot better off if we believed in common decency - for ourselves and others.


_____  21. You're either on the side of the plague or you fight against it.







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